Himbliss Supreme 440ml

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Brand: Himbliss

Himbliss Supreme is a stevia based concentrated health drink. Its a
unique formulation of super fruit and herbs. Its a complete body tonic
that works on multiple functions. Its safe, powerful and tasty. It
contains a sanjeevani fruit called seabuckthorn.


  1. Seabuckthorn - Complete nutrition
  2. Apricot - Rich in Vitamin A
  3. Rhododendron - Anti- Cholesterol
  4. Amla - Rich in Vitamin C
  5. Barbadenses Aloe Vera - Good for healing
  6. Shatavari - Good for women
  7. Korean Ginsang - Rich in energy
  8. Ashwagandha - Nervine tonic
  9. Giloy - Anti Inflammatory
  10. Curcumin - Immunity Power